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In the lively Lowertown neighborhood, discover the charming restaurants run by chef Adam Eaton. We've set your eyes and appetite on the Twin Cities hosting this year's Super Bowl and a host of other events.

It is gently poached to obtain a toothless consistency, and then smothered in a rich sauce of gribiche and chopped chives. The spacious restaurant, open morning and evening, housed in a historic brick and wood warehouse, is touted as one of the liveliest and most diverse restaurants in the city. The café serves nice corners where you can enjoy a wide range of dishes, from grilled ribs to pork belly and chicken. The hearty tops range from fresh cow's milk cheese to shaved pork pastrami, fresh herbs and spices, as well as sweet and savoury sauces.

The fried chicken is soaked in buttermilk for two days and then fried in duck fat to give a juicy, crispy finish. The beef patties are thin and go straight from the freezer to the oven, where American cheese is placed on a patty before being crushed into a single cheese - a stuffed burger. To order, the dough is placed through a flat-flattening and then grilled fresh.

The starters are exceptional, but the two-pound Porterhouse steak is a hit. If you're looking for the white or dark meat, we recommend Tennessee Hot, an irresistible blend of subtle heat and sweetness that will get you the whole basket ready in no time. It is more fun to make a meal out of the small plates that show ice cubes - poached shellfish, bacon - tarts and a few pages that show the restaurant's ability to lift the most humble vegetables. If there's a grilled courgette soup to make, it's this one; the entree is exceptional.

We started our meal with a plate of fried chicken, tucked away in a bowl of roasted green tomatoes and a side of sweet and sour cream.

The owners, who love being in a neighborhood, achieve far better results than you expect, and you all notice it. You can buy fantastic flavours in the shop, but you can be sure that you will taste them in the typical dishes of the restaurants, such as chorizo queso. Try the masa, a unique and aromatic dumplings made from masas, served with Orizo and quedas, or take a plate of the charred tomatillos that you will love.

Demi is the product of her tiny walls combining some of the best ingredients and techniques from around the world with vegetables and meat that can only be found here in Minnesota. Located in the heart of Kaysenas, just a few blocks from the Minnesota State Capitol, the Demi Hotel has cemented its place as one of Minnesota's most popular restaurants. It brings the technology, precision and innovation you would expect from a fine restaurant, while casual, fun and friendly service is the opposite. The mission is bebe mind - blow food, mind blow experience and mind blow food.

The restaurant itself is stunning and stunning, with its high ceilings and stunning views of the Minnesota State Capitol. The design revolves around the towering ceiling and tiled bar, as well as the breathtaking views of the Minnesota State Capitol and Capitol Hill.

The Neapolitan pizza in the style of the times is simple and reliable, which is a nice change from the traditional pizza options on the menu. The house-made tartare swaps beef for beef, hand-chopped bison paired with harissa aioli and crispy socca, while the roast is accompanied by an extra - elaborately roasted foie gras that feels a little too much like the same old, same old. Lush bucatini tossed into uni pancetta sigh - seductively good, and the fried, home-made bologna sandwiches are a bestseller. Right now, fry and toss Eaton fork - delicate chunks of squid and potatoes.

Malone likes to let leeks, which usually play a supporting role in the dish, take center stage, and that's a great addition.

Flynn also finds inspiration at the table, both in the restaurant and on the farm, but she also goes west to participate in a program where she works with organic farmers in Southern Oregon and Mendicino to better understand the origin of the ingredients she uses.

In Michigan, she lives with a monk on a 750-acre property on the Keweenaw Peninsula, where she grows berries for jam and makes sweets.

It was here that Flynn's passion for food blossomed, catapulting her into the kitchens of local bars at a young age of 15. In 2010, she moved to the city and began working at Michael Symon's Roast, where she worked her way up to sous chef under chef Andy Hollyday and in-house butcher, and returned to Detroit in 2013 to join the team as executive chef of the new Hewing Hotel in Detroit. Now as executive chef at the Hewings Hotel, Chef Flynn is excited to be working with large pieces of protein over an open fire again and to use her experience in slaughtering to continue the growing in-house butcher program.

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