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Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel with relaxing spa treatments or an affordable hotel with great amenities, you will find the ideal Minneapolis hotel for your getaway. IHG Hotels is located throughout the Minneapolis area, with hotels in Minneapolis and surrounding cities offering a wide range of travel options. It is difficult to save money on a travel budget when you book a hotel in a city like Minneapolis, Minnesota, where there are so many options to choose from to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

Most Minneapolis hotels are located downtown, but there are many cheap hotels in Minneapolis that are not so far away. The views from every Minneapolis hotel are truly breathtaking and worth spending a dollar on. There is nothing worse than getting lost on a road you don't really know, and the view from a Minnesota hotel is truly amazing.

The Skyway system of pedestrian bridges helps people move around the city center and enjoy the shops and restaurants along the way without venturing into the elements. Take the kids to the Wabun paddling pool, the 24-hour fitness center for a good workout or simply stroll on the air-conditioned Skyways bridges. If you need to get to and from the Minneapolis Convention Center, you do not need to brave the cold and heat. Spend some time at the Minnesota Museum of Natural History or Minnesota State University, strolling through the parks and hiking trails in the park system and enjoying views of Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi River.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is one of the largest art museums in the country and is a feast for the eyes for anyone interested in contemporary art. If you're a fan of beautiful natural sites, visit the Minnesota Natural History Museum or the Minnesota State University Natural History Museum. Both offer the opportunity to see the world-famous collection and offer great views of the Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi.

Downtown Minneapolis also has some areas that are not as safe as the southern part of the city, but most hotels are within walking distance of the Convention Center and other major attractions. If you are looking for a hotel near or near the Minneapolis Convention Center, consider staying at one of these hotels that are most recommended by KAYAK users. Popular locations include the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, Hilton Minneapolis Center and Marriott Hotel Minneapolis.

If you are planning a special getaway to Minneapolis or just looking for the perfect way to relax, consider a bed and breakfast package at the Marquette Hotel. If you are looking for more information about the best hotels in the Minneapolis area, read on.

Located near the Mall of America, this hotel features well-appointed rooms and a variety of amenities. Enjoy a complimentary buffet breakfast before spending a day shopping, dining or even spending the night in town at the Marriott Marquette Hotel. Keep your kids busy by visiting some of Minneapolis' most notable attractions, including the Minnesota Museum of Natural History, US Capitol and University of Minnesota. Once you have filled up, visit the shopping center and its many attractions, including Nickelodeon Universe and Sea Life Aquarium.

Refresh yourself on the beach or rent a kayak or canoe and paddle around the beautiful lake in the middle of the city. Spend the afternoon immersed in culture, visiting local restaurants and shops, or being transported to the tropics in the zoo and conservatory of Como Park. You can also walk or bike to one of Minnesota's most popular parks, such as Lake Superior State Park or the Minnesota State Fair.

Explore downtown Minneapolis without having to deal with parking with this package, which includes a day trip to Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSPIA). You can fly from either of the Twin Cities Airport terminals or from the University of Minnesota Airport Terminal.

If you're looking for a special package or just want to save money when visiting Minneapolis, here are some great discounts. If you stay longer than one night and are up to the challenge of visiting in December or February, you can enjoy excellent deals at hotel prices. This hotel offers a lot of special offers and great ways to save money on your stay.

Last year, 2-star hotels in Minneapolis were $72 to $49 a night cheap, but this weekend, KAYAK users found a 3-star hotel room in Minneapolis for $81. For $36 you can find a double room in Minnesota with bed and breakfast for the same price as a single room, or even less than half the price.

These are just a few examples of what you should look for when searching for hotels in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Use these figures to evaluate which Minnesota rooms are most effectively booked.

This is a great hotel for military service members receiving treatment at Minneapolis VA Medical Center. The Minneapolis VA has limited rooms for patients who live in the Twin City subway area and need accommodation for one night or more.

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