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Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota may not be the most famous cities in the US, but the Twin Cities have a surprising amount to offer. Dairy Queen may be behaving like its headquarters here, but I'm willing to bet it has a lot more in common with New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. The Minneapolis area is known for many things, such as the Minnesota State Fair, the University of Minnesota - Duluth and the Mayo Clinic, as well as for its good food.

Of course, you have to top it off with fresh basil, jalapenos and bean sprouts to make it feel "just a joke." While there are many restaurants on the coast in the Twin Cities area, like the catch - and roast perch I grew up with, there is nothing like a subway sandwich that combines the best of both worlds: fresh, fresh fish and fresh herbs and spices.

Seward's sweet potato purée with black beans, cheese and pickled onions has never tasted so delicious. The potato Seward Mashhedsweet, topped with black bean cheese, pickles and onions, has never smelled and tasted so incredible.

The food shelf is located in H.O.P.E. Harbor and is open to all people who use the shelter in Minneapolis. It's not the only place I know that has a whole department of Hotdish, but it's one of the best places I've found. We are not southwest, but we are lucky to be in a city with so many great restaurants and food trucks, and this is the first time we have to behave in front of them.

If you don't go out for dinner, at least go to the Pirate Ship - a bar at the back of the building, the News Room. The newsroom is located on the corner of Broadway and H.O.P.E. Harbor in Minneapolis, just across the street from the shelter.

As a ritual of transition, try the seaweed wrapped in - a - baguette - with - the - salt - and - lemon - butter - ice cream - cream sandwich. Visit the fika café and try one of the Lefse dishes, such as the one served at the Taste of Scandinavia café. The taste - of - Scandinavian cafe I had served several leFse dish, including one laden with house - cranberry cream. I even liked it so much that I will have it again, this time with some of my friends on our next trip.

If you're trying to come to terms with the locals, order the quark, one of the city's most popular dishes and the second - born. Cheese curd is an integral part of Minnesota culture, but somewhat more complicated than that. They are made from solid parts of leavened milk and can be fried in different ways. You don't have to go far to find whipped and fried cheese balls, like the one at the Taste of Scandinavia café.

Almost its own Minnesota landmark, Pazzaluna is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the University of Minnesota campus. There are too many names for this restaurant to claim to be the first, but if you're after the name, tell us what you know about the two places that have been described as Minnesota-style. You will find it in a thin crust, laden with toppings and cheese, cut into squares or slices.

And don't forget to do it in one of the many Minnesota-style bars and restaurants in the Twin Cities, such as Pazzaluna or the St. Paul Bar - B - Que.

If you want to become an expert on everything tasty in Minnesota, you need to dig deeper and really eat in Minnesota and bore better eaters into it. Discover the best Minnesota food you need to try on your trip to the Twin Cities and get ready for this year's Super Bowl, which will be held on Sunday, February 5, 2017, at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. See if one of our Minnesota food lists pops up, or visit us to discover for yourself.

Minneapolis is rich in water, making it a center for parks and outdoor activities, but what makes it so valuable that it has been designated a Twin Cities? Take a trip to Minneapolis Lakefront Park, the largest lake in the United States, and if that's not enough, visit Lake Superior, a 13-mile cobbled coastal path lined with lakes, rivers, lakes and a host of other natural and cultural attractions.

No food tour of Minnesota would be complete without a stop at the legendary Minnesota State Fair, which begins this year on August 25. There are about 40 in Minneapolis to look at, but if you're longing for something different, like another kind of meat, you can look for "poking" as seen in a local restaurant or even a new neighborhood restaurant. You can also choose which restaurants will be delivered to your address by searching the Asian Cuisine category. Enjoy eating from one of your favorite places in Minneapolis - eating without making a reservation.

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