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If you want to see beautifully decorated trees and Christmas bulbs without leaving your car behind, the Arboretum offers a revised version of its annual Christmas tree lighting. It will be held from 5: 30 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 9, at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, Minnesota. For those who want to see magical, decorated trees or Christmas bulbs without leaving their car, the Arboreum will be offering an updated and revised version of them during its annual Christmas tree lighting on Sunday, 10 December 2015.

Starting November 27, the Valleyfair parking lot will be transformed into an outdoor Christmas tree lighting with lights and decorations for the annual Minnesota State Fair.

The bright lights are synchronized with the Christmas music on the radio as you immerse yourself in the winter wonderland. Drive through the city to see some of the city's most festive lights while sipping on some cocktails, brews or other drinks They decide to bring along. This year, the Minnesota State Fair parking lot in the Valleyfair parking lots was transformed into a Christmas tree lighting with lights and decorations for the annual Minnesota State Fair, transforming it into a festive Christmas lighting and shopping experience. After the race, runners receive a medal and a long-sleeved performance as well as a bottle of wine or beer for free.

The Polar Plunge is fun and participants love to have a cheer section, but if you prefer to stay in the bundle, stay at home. Join the Greatest Day Parade, which closes the event by honoring the 1980 Olympic team, which won gold in 1980 and features several Minnesota hockey players. They love riding the bull and share photos of their adventure on social media using the hashtag # welovemnw. Your site may appear on the Minnesota State Fair Facebook page as well as on other sites.

FreeVirtualWhat better way to spend the days before Christmas than listening to classical Christmas music from the Minnesota Orchestra? Free virtual reality experience at the Minneapolis - St. Paul Convention Center to listen to the Minnesota Orchestra's classic Christmas music. Free Virtual, there is no better way to spend the days before Christmas than to spend it with friends and family. Jenna Bennett Williams is a freelance writer for Thrillist and loves everything Minnesota has to offer, including seasonal lattes, ice skating and shopping.

The eclectic grunge vibe makes it perfect to capture the one - of - a - friendly sound of the city, and there's something for everyone.

There is a lot that goes into choosing the right space, and Food Building's thoughtful and informative website provides you with all the information a planner could wish for. You will certainly find the perfect space for your next event in the city, but don't think about your event strategy when choosing. Check out our guide to Minneapolis venues below to be sure you find inspiration for the next shindig. There is no shortage of opportunities to find the ideal venue for you and your friends, family or friends of friends to hold events.

One venue guests will remember is Cabinet of Curiosity, which offers themed tours and tours of Minneapolis. This Minneapolis venue has been hosted by event organizers for many years, most recently as part of the Minnesota Museum of Natural History.

If you're traveling to the West this weekend for some Christmas shopping, the quaint little shops at Excelsior are open for unique gifts - gifts. The market offers beer - inspired home decor and seasonal beers sold in meals. The seasonal market in the city centre has been cancelled this year, but you can still knock off last-minute Christmas shopping and support local artists.

Participants in the race will receive complimentary food, including hot burritos for breakfast, and there will also be ice skating. With tickets, you have access to live music, food trucks, freebies and more, as well as free parking.

This festival focuses on different cultures from across Minnesota, and this year Ordway will feature a variety of food trucks, live music, crafts and more. Other popular events include the Minnesota State Fair, the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Twin Cities Music Festival. See the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and other local bands perform, as well as other musical acts.

Anyone who wants to can stream or film the virtual event on YouTube from 19 December. Experience the popular tree lighting in a video special on December 4 or take a quick detour to take a photo in front of the giant Christmas tree.

After dinner, grab some hot chocolate and head west to the lake for an easy ride or pick up a salted nut bun from GLOW's food court on the way out. Show your heart - pounding skis and fat tires - at the Minnesota Ski and Snowboard Club's annual ski race. Pack yourself into a horse-drawn carriage and test your endurance with skijoring, sleigh, dog-sledge and more.

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