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According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Labor Development, about 100,000 people are currently unemployed. This includes over 50% who have the opportunity to make telephone calls from home or work part-time.

Between 200 and 500 new jobs will be created in the state over the next two years, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Labor. That ranges from about 300 available positions to 1,500 to 2,000 full-time positions with an average annual salary of $35,300.

The state's 500 jobs will be added to fulfillment centers and delivery networks, with an average annual salary of $35,300, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Labor.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Labor estimates that the state will employ more than 1,000 full-time workers at fulfillment centers and delivery networks.

In Minnesota, more than 2,600 employees are hired to work at fulfillment centers and delivery networks across the state, according to the Department of Employment and Labor. They will work in retail, hospitality, healthcare, transport, hospitality, education and other sectors.

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